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Romance coach, Leslie Karsner has years of experience teaching lovers how to express their deepest thoughts and fantasies to one another in words. 

She has discovered that the single best way to your lover's heart is through a well-constructed, romantic love letter.

In the popular Love Letters NOW!  Leslie has created an easy-to-use love letter generator.

The collection has over 250 original pre-written love letters - these are letters and emails that you can send instantly without having to write a single word.  You may send or e-mail the letters as they are, or add your own words and paragraphs.

Sample from the Love Letters NOW collection:

My Love

I had to send you this love letter now.  You see, sometimes I miss my chance to say the right thing at the right moment... or the words escape me.

I guess I don't always convey my deepest feelings when you're around, because I'm too busy feeling them.  My heart races, and my most powerful sentiments don't always translate into words that express just how devoted I am to you.

The most moving thing to come from my lips always seems to be the kisses we share.  You'd probably smile if I said any of this to you, and I might laugh back
nervously as well.

But here in this letter my truest feelings of affection are yours to have and to hold - remember these words of love when we silently kiss.  I know when I see you, I'll...

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  • Enduring Love
  • Love and Laughter
  • Just Met
  • First Time "I Love You"
  • Friendship
  • Secret Admirer
  • Unrequited Love
  • Love at the Office
  • Love On-Line
  • Love Fantasy
  • Anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Erotic
  • Famous Celebrity
  • Valentine's Day
  • Wedding
  • Long Distance Romance
  • Expressions of Gratitude
  • I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me
    (Get Ex Back)
  • Breaking Up
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Military In Love
  • Support For Our Military
  • and more...


  • Love E-mails
  • Love Poems
  • 101 Romantic Ideas
  • 65 Creative Ways To Send Love Letters


"When I came across your site, I was extremely skeptical. The first one, I revised it a little, and gave it a try. I didn't know what kind of response I would get, but I tried anyway. When I got the response, God it was worth it. They are truly supreme in letting someone know how you feel, when I couldn't come up with the right words and how to convey it. These are awesome! Thank you so much!"
- Kathy Bratz

"Our love life is burning hot, thanks to the love letter I sent my wife for our anniversary. It seems it was just the kick our romantic life needed."
- Mike

"I just wanted to tell you how great I think your love letters product is. I live in the jungles of Guatemala... my partner and I had been having some problems... I am not even sure exactly why... but I ordered your love letters... and lo and behold, they were SO PERFECT. I wrote one out and left it under his plate when I went out! The letter shifted the energy SO FAST and SO COMPLETELY that I am still dazed! I have recommended them to my daughter-in-law (in Canada ) and will continue to recommend them whenever appropriate. Thank you so much."
- Anne L.

"I purchased the entire love letter package. These love letters are great, and fun too. My husband is away on business a lot, so we then communicate by e-mail. These are a nice way to keep things warm between us. We have been married for 25 years and the kids have all grown up and are doing there own thing now. We stayed very much in love and these letters are a nice icing on the cake. Thanks again."
- Marion

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