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Instant Sexy Letters

Ignite A Firestorm of Passion With Pre-Written Sexy Love and Erotic Letters*

Instant Sexy Letters - Let Our Words Do The Exciting! Send Sexy, Erotic Letters Now!

Instant Sexy Letters is Tiffany Parker's collection of 57 pre-written sexy love letters guaranteed to stir the juices and ignite romance.

Each letter is designed to captivate and penetrate your lover's heart with passion and desire.  The #1 way to stir the emotions of your lover -  dive in to satisfy their inner desires - is by sending a sexy, erotic letter.

The Instant Sexy Letters templates are easily accessed through a designated web link received after purchase.  You can send these sexy love letters as they are or you may personalize them to say what you want.

Sample from the Instant Sexy Letters collection:

My Sexy [Insert Name Here],

I love the way you look when you're turned on.  Your sparkling eyes get glassy as you hold my gaze.  You're so seductive when you tell me how good you're feeling.  You lift your eyebrow as you whisper the things you know I love to hear.

I love the way you lean into me, and brush my face with yours as you tell me what you want to do.  Your lips feel so soft against my skin.  It makes my heart race.  And I can't wait until you kiss me, gently at first and then firmly with great passion.

But before we do, the anticipation I feel is very exciting.  I love the way you let me know how turned on you are.  Letting me see, and then taking my hand to touch you.  Let's me know what I have to look forward to.

The anticipation of coming together intimately puts me on the edge of ecstasy.  And there's...

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Instant Sexy Letters
Instant Sexy Letters

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