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Writing A Love Letter

Writing A Love Letter Guaranteed To Excite and Impress Following These Steps*

1. Find A Quiet Place To Write:

  • Get alone and clear your mind

2. Create A Romantic Mood:

  • Put on music that inspire thoughts of your beloved -
    Here's a list of ultimate love songs
    (click the link & type "ultimate love songs" in the search window for the collection)
  • Place a picture of your love in front of you or visualize their face
  • Grab a glass of wine, sip & relax

3. Use Quality Pen and Paper:

  • Make your romantic love letter memorable and attractive by using a fountain pen, preferably black or blue
  • Use fine stationery - natural colors of white, beige or cream are best.  Keep it simple, less is more
  • Always handwrite your love letter, it's makes it personal and special.  If sending an love e-mail, use a natural handwriting font such as "freestyle script" or "bradley hand itc"

4. Think About Your Special Someone:

  • Before your begin to write think about what makes them special, endearing, unique

5. Date Your Love Letter:

  • By establishing a time marker, you have now created a treasured keepsake

6. Personalize Your Greeting:

  • Examples:  Dearest [love's first name], My Beloved [love's first name], My Darling [love's first name], etc.

7. Body:

  • Begin by sharing your reasons for writing
  • Describe their attractive qualities
  • Express how they make you feel
  • Share your thoughts when you're apart
  • Express your dreams and aspirations
  • Be sincere, honest, confident and real
  • Use romantic words, if you get stuck use a thesaurus.
    Webster's New World Thesaurus is very helpful
  • Keep your love letter focused on you and your love, no one else
  • Popular love words:  adore, alluring, absence, angel, baby, beautiful, blossom, caress, cherish, captivated, complete, darling, desire, delirious, dreaming, elated, embrace, enchanted, fascinated, fondle, giving, gorgeous, happy, heart, idolize, indulge, innocent, kiss, lover, memories, pamper, passion, precious, rose, see, sensuality, smitten, spoil, stars, stroking, taste, touch, treasure, vision, visualize

8. Closing:

  • End on a hopeful, positive note

9. Personalize Your Signature:

  • Examples:  With eternal love, (your first name); With deepest passion, (your first name); Always and forever, (your first name)

10. Re-Read:

  • You may want to write a rough draft first
  • Use correct spelling - nothing turns a person off faster than misspelled words
  • Maintain neatness

11. Add A Special Touch:

  • Lightly spray perfume or cologne
  • Sparsely sprinkle glitter, stars
  • Enclose rose or flower petals
  • Carefully placed lipstick kisses, if for a man (ladies, practice first)

12. Fold:

  • Fold your love letter evenly with text inside
  • Place in envelope that matches your stationary
  • Mail or hand deliver

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