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Romantic love letters that are handwritten appear to be innocent luxuries that were enjoyed in days gone by.

Not long ago suitors used the flair of romantic writing to work magic - people were swept off their feet by a passionate love letter or sweet, romantic note.

Romantic letters will never be known as primeval or commonplace.   In these current times where sending romantic texts and email messages are the norm, that is all the more reason

why handwritten terms of romantic expression will instantly capture attention and be taken seriously.

Romantic love letters through the ages have become lasting keepsakes, family heirlooms and legacies.  Writing a love letter or sending romantic love notes are creative ways that can formulate sexy, impressionable memories and lasting bonds.  After all, we live in a time of mass greeting cards, text messaging and impersonal emails, it's time to again embrace the art of love letter writing as a means to authentically re-connect.

the revival of romantic love letters

A romantic love letter written and personally delivered in our current digital age has more impact on unsuspecting hearts than in any other time before.  They epitomize the transcendental, the unexpected, and the most utterly thoughtful.  Love letters can be anything -- from a brisk, casual e-mail asking someone you are attracted to for coffee... a sexy note conveying a passionate evening that awaits... to a beautifully written proposal that will inevitably become part of a family legacy valued for generations.

Romantic love letters can be sweetly simple or embody the formal  quintessence of famous love letters... they can range from being just funny enough to bring a smile to someone's face to expressing the depths of how much you miss someone.  You determine what form of letter is most appropriate for the point-in-time of your relationship and then personalize it.

Love letters can be fun, flirtatious, intimate, sexy or erotic -- they can be any and all of these things. You may choose to condense them into short romantic texts or or erotic sexy letters written in long-hand.  Whether memorable family keepsakes or short love notes, to consistently present romantic letters to your beloved is about turning sincere affection into a unique "uncommon" gesture that will be cherished (especially in today's time).

If you're shy (have trouble expressing your feelings face to face) or just a romantic at heart who wants to learn more effective ways to communicate and articulate emotion, you have found your ultimate destination and source.

love letters made easy

Whatever challenges that may arise with romantic letter writing can be remedied by following a few simple steps - Writing A Love Letter is an excellent reference.

Now if you're like most, putting pen to paper may be an arduous task, especially if it entails articulating elusive feelings of love and romance.  Don't panic, we understand.  There is an easier solution that's both intelligent and quick without compromising creativity and personalization... prewritten love letters and romantic love letter templates.

romantic love letters meet technology

With the advent of the information age, you now have access to brilliant pre-written love letters that you can personalize to make your writing experience easier.  These tools liberate you of the anguish of emotional writer's block, while offering the convenience of creating romantic love letters in minutes, anytime, for any occasion.

Although we are advocates of actually writing love letters, I do understand in today's fast-paced world, sending romantic messages by text are more favorable.  So we have found a solution that is convenient & just as powerful as sentiments you would write by hand.

Visit our romantic text messages page (aka love letters 2.0) for details on an effective romantic text messaging system guaranteed to produce powerful results.  These romantic texts work whether you're single or in a relationship.

love letters aren't just for valentine's

Who doesn't love a sexy surprise?  Romantic gestures are more special when they are not anticipated.  Now is the perfect time to surprise your love with an unexpected love letter.

View our recent articles explaining the tremendous benefits of love letter writing for any relationship:

Giving romantic letters on a regular basis can facilitate fantastic results in any relationship.  Make a point of letting your sweetheart know how truly special and valuable they are.  Studies have shown love letters are a powerful medium in bringing two people closer, as well as increase intimacy... more than any other romantic gesture.

master love letters

We provide a single, convenient location for you to find the best selection of exceptional pre-written love letter collections.

So go ahead...

  • Share your deepest emotions with your sweetheart

  • Ignite the desires behind an innocent flirtation

  • Fan the flames of a fledgling romance, or...

  • Tell your spouse of forty years that you still adore them as much as the day you married

View our love letter samples to help you decide what will work for your relationship situation.  Also, check out the "specials & bonuses" that come with each collection.

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